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Online UX/UI Design Bootcamp
in North America

  • Kickstart your design career with our expert-led UX/UI design course

  • Pay $0 upfront tuition — learn now, pay once hired (see details)

  • Study full-time or part-time at a pace that suits your schedule

  • bst365体育投注网址大全Graduate with a unique portfolio of real client work

  • Change careers with confidence with dedicated Career Services support and a Money-Back Guarantee (see details)


Program Dates


bst365体育投注网址大全Mar 23, 2020 - Sep 11, 2020

Closing Soon -


Apr 13, 2020 - Oct 2, 2020

Open -


bst365体育投注网址大全May 4, 2020 - Oct 23, 2020

Open -

Design your career for $0 upfront tuition

Learn the visual, technical, and client service skills essential to launch a successful career as a UX or UI designer. Flatiron School’s online course combines our robust digital design curriculum with dedicated Career Services support, full-time or part-time course pacing, and innovative payment options (learn more).

Learn on Your Schedule

bst365体育投注网址大全Whether you choose a full-time or part-time schedule, our online UX/UI course offers the same rigor as the in-person experience.

Work with Real Clients

bst365体育投注网址大全Work on a real client project, and graduate with a portfolio full of tangible work experience.

Pay Tuition Once Hired

Change careers with confidence. Focus on learning the skills to launch a new career, not on how to pay for it, with flexible payment options (learn more).

WeWork desk space for 1 year

bst365体育投注网址大全Connect and collaborate in-person with other students. Build your professional network while you work in a beautiful space with a one-year WeWork hot desk membership included with your tuition.

Specialize in User Experience (UX) or User Interface (UI) Design

When you enroll, you’ll choose the track that best suits you — UX or UI. Our admissions team is happy to discuss this decision with you. You can also explore Intro to Careers in Design to learn more about how these disciplines vary and where they’ll take you.

User Experience

bst365体育投注网址大全UX designers focus on the user journey, designing how users interact with products or services. UX designers define a digital product’s optimal experience to ensure it’s engaging and user friendly.

User Interface

UI designers define the look and feel of a product, application, or website while considering optimal ease of use. UI designers optimize for varied functionalities, and contexts using branding, color, images, and typography.

Course Pace Options

We offer two course pace options designed to give you the flexibility and structure to support your success. As a Flatiron School student, you’ll receive individual support from instructors and access to virtual study groups for a personalized learning experience. Choose the program pace option that best suits your life, schedule, and career goals.

bst365体育投注网址大全In both pacing options, you’ll build your work portfolio with team-based design projects for real-world clients.


Graduate in 6 months with the accelerated course pace: full-time. Expect 40–60+ hours per week of coursework. Benefit from dedicated, full-time learning. This option requires the most commitment – you’ll attend live study groups, complete group projects, and collaborate with others in your cohort throughout the day.


bst365体育投注网址大全Graduate in 11 months at a pace that offers the same curriculum as the full-time program. Expect 20-30+ hours per week of coursework and benefit from a structured, yet flexible, schedule designed to keep you on track. During the client phase, you’ll invest considerable time to successfully complete group projects.

A fast-track career curriculum that will help you land a job in the field of design.

bst365体育投注网址大全Our online UX/UI design courses are taught by industry experts and combine flexible online learning with a team-based experience.

Online UX/UI Design is divided into five phases. You’ll learn at a part-time pace in phase one, regardless of your selected course pace. After phase one, you’ll join your choice of a full-time or part-time cohort for team-based design and client projects.

For the UX track, Phase 2-5, all projects are group-based. For the UI track, Phase 3-5, projects are group-based.

bst365体育投注网址大全This means you’ll work like a real design team member to get the project done - divide responsibilities and tasks or project manage deliverables. Technical training, bundled with apprenticeship-style project work and personalized career coaching, creates an experience that’s designed to help you become a highly sought-after UX or UI designer.

Meet the experts behind our UX/UI program

Joshua Robinson
Lead Instructor

Joshua is a product designer for , a modern digital media buying agency, who began his career in online publishing and has a passion for music and artistic community. He’s driven by design’s ability to organize and make sense of information, and he believes designers are best suited to maximize the potential of new technology.

Chelsea Lee
Lead Instructor

Chelsea lives and breathes design and is eager to share that enthusiasm with others. Her background in graphic design and book arts led her to UX design. In her time at  and as an independent consultant, she worked on service, software, and product design in the aerospace, retail, healthcare, and data management industries.

Patrick DiMichele
Lead Instructor

bst365体育投注网址大全Patrick designs for impact; using collaborative and inclusive processes to enable positive, real-world outcomes. He’s a cofounder of the design studio  and has led highly-successful design practices and programs for Fortune 500 companies, global consultancies, and a range of healthcare, education, and nonprofit organizations.

Navigate tech's top opportunities with the help of our Career Coaching team

bst365体育投注网址大全Flatiron School’s Career Coaching and Employer Partnerships team provide students unparalleled 1:1 support before, during, and after the job search.

Individual career coaching

bst365体育投注网址大全During your job search, you’ll meet weekly with your dedicated Career Coach. Coaches help with everything from résumé review to interview prep, and help you tell your story to land your first job.

Money-back guarantee

Change careers with confidence thanks to our Money-Back Guarantee. If you graduate, follow our job-search process, and don’t secure a job offer within 6 months of your job search start date, we’ll refund your tuition in full (see terms).

Vast employer network

We’ve built relationships with hiring managers at top companies across the world, creating a robust employer pipeline for Flatiron School grads. Our Employer Partnerships team is constantly advocating for our grads and helping you get in the door.

Proven job-search framework

Through 1-on-1 guidance from our Career Coaching team and our tried-and-true job-search framework, you’ll gain the skills and support you need to launch your career.

Design a career you love

Our students have gone to land jobs at leading companies across the globe. Now, it’s your turn to launch a career in design.

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“I was lucky to be surrounded by hard working people who pushed each other to be better. It felt like everyone really cared about their projects, and no one was ever satisfied with an easy solution. We weren’t afraid to challenge each other, which was awesome.”

“Having the ability to develop real projects for real clients makes the experience more than just a school—it makes it like an internship. I was able to have real world experience juggling my design workload, client needs, and team relationships.”

Making education accessible


Full-Time, finance for as low as



bst365体育投注网址大全(for 36 months + $500 deposit)

Part-Time, finance for as low as



(for 36 months + $500 deposit)

Dedicated to making our programs more accessible, we offer competitive financing options through  and , two well-known accelerated learning financing companies. Available only to those who qualify.

Pay Upfront

bst365体育投注网址大全Full-Time Program



bst365体育投注网址大全Part-Time Program



bst365体育投注网址大全Divide tuition into easy payments.


Flatiron School Online Income Share Agreement — Available for Part-Time and Full-Time Courses

You can now defer your online tuition with the Flatiron School Online Income Share Agreement, available in select states. There is no deposit required when you enroll, and the reminder of you tuition is paid once you’ve left the program and are earning a minimum income of $3,333.33 per month, annualized to $40,000 per year.

When courses begin

Program Dates
Cohort Start DateStatus
Mar 23, 2020Sep 11, 2020Closing Soon
Apr 13, 2020Oct 2, 2020Open
May 4, 2020Oct 23, 2020Open
May 25, 2020Nov 13, 2020Open
Jun 15, 2020Dec 4, 2020Open

What the application process looks like

Design aptitude is built from an innate curiosity about the world and how people interact with it. We don’t admit students, we craft a class: a lawyer, chef, biologist, and artist will approach solutions differently, and bringing them together creates a richer learning environment for everyone involved. All you need is passion and an open mind.

Step 1 → Apply

bst365体育投注网址大全Apply to the course. Tell us about yourself and why you want to start a career in UX/UI.

Step 2 → Admissions interview

Speak with a member of our Admissions team about your interests and ambitions.

Step 3 → Admissions decision

Receive your acceptance decision from Admissions. This usually happens within a couple days, and would be your final step!

Step 4 → Enroll

When you enroll, you’ll choose the track that best suits you – UX or UI. Our admissions team is happy to discuss this decision with you.

Frequently asked questions

What jobs are graduates prepared for?

bst365体育投注网址大全On the UX side, depending on the designer’s interests: UX designer, UX researcher, and interaction designer. On the UI side, depending on the designer’s interests: UI designer, visual designer, and communication designer. The skills gained during this course form a partial but important foundation for additional roles like content strategist, information architect, UX writer, UI engineer, product designer, and product owner.

bst365体育投注网址大全In terms of job types, graduates are prepared for full-time salaried and part-time jobs, internships, apprenticeships, and contract and contract-to-hire roles.

Who will I be learning alongside?
  • bst365体育投注网址大全We don’t admit students, we craft a class. A lawyer, journalist, and pro-athlete will do more interesting things together than three people of any one background - with your 1 year WeWork membership you’ll expand your network with students of varied backgrounds but the same passion to design a career they love.

  • bst365体育投注网址大全A wide range of professions have been represented among graduates of Flatiron School’s curriculum: lawyers, chefs, ballet dancers, baristas, options traders, architects, preschool teachers, biologists, and many, many others.

  • bst365体育投注网址大全Any professional experience focused on practicing the soft skills needed for a design career — teamwork, customer service, research, storytelling, client management, project management, creative thinking, a desire to learn — is pretty easily transferable to this course.

  • Any past experience with design helps even more, but some of our most successful graduates had no design experience before applying.

What skills will I have learned by the end of the course?
  • Understand foundational design know-how and concepts.

  • Utilize knowledge of industry-standard software and use cases.

  • Collaborate as a team member on group and client projects.

  • bst365体育投注网址大全Learn how to solve real design problems with real business stakeholders.

  • Create a real, unique portfolio.

bst365体育投注网址大全Apply Today

bst365体育投注网址大全Start your application and change your life today.

bst365体育投注网址大全Attend an Event

Join us for a seminar or info session to see what student life is like at Flatiron School.

Chat with Admissions

Have a question about our program that we haven’t answered above? Our admissions team is here to help.